#FMF Featured Music Friday: “Forgotten Sun” by George Bell

This weeks Featured Music Friday highlights a song I produced, “Forgotten Sun” by artist George Bell, written by George Karambelas and myself.


George and I are firstly connected from our ethnic heritage being Greek brothers.  We also got in touch through our fathers, who both happen to be Bouzouki players.  The Bouzouki, for those of you who don’t know, is the main instrument of Greece.  I always wondered if I was alone growing up, being raised by a Bouzouki playing father in the states– well, I’m not alone which was a pleasant surprise! 🙂


George and I have been writing songs for around 2 years or so, and the themes, melodies and music just seem to flow whenever we get together.  With our collaboration and this song in particular, we wanted to mix elements of rock, specifically great hooky riffs, with more current rhythmic textures and production. George also has a very poetic way with words, which is clearly expressed in this song.


“Forgotten Sun” was also featured on HBO during the opening of the Pacquiao/Bradley fight last spring.


So, without further adieu, enjoy “Forgotten Sun” by my good friend and talented artist, George Bell! #FMF