#FMF Featured Music Friday: “Gold Coast” by American XO

#FMF Featured Music Friday: “Gold Coast” by American XO

Today I am featuring breakout track “Gold Coast” by indie/alternative artist, American XO.  I am currently developing this artist, and have had the pleasure of co-writing and producing his material.

Today’s track is one that mixes a lot of synthesized elements like drums, keyboards and effects with raw guitar parts and vocals.  American XO is an artist who has drawn a lot of inspiration from moving out to the “Gold Coast” as expressed in the lyrics to this song.  In our collaborations, between the 2 of us, we compose and play all of the parts on the records we make.

Moving out to LA from Baltimore, he is following the dream like so many of us do.  Ironically, his first EP “War on Baltimore” has gotten some attention from the recent rioting that has gone down in Baltimore.

He also recently was featured on the Absolute Punk Podcast for this track!

Check it out, “Gold Coast” by American XO